New Hairline Recession, Small Hairline Transplantation, and Cost

​If you have recently changed hairstyles or otherwise have noticed significant recession of your hairline, here are the steps I would recommend taking first.

1) Make sure that there isn’t a medical (stress, medication, illness, etc) or mechanical cause (hair pulling, rubbing, twirling, etc) of your hair loss by seeing your primary care doctor or hair restoration specialist.

2) If typical Male Pattern Baldness is the most likely cause, initial topical and/or oral medication (I recommend both).

3) See a hair restoration specialist and photo-document your hair loss and treatment progression.

4) Give medical and non-surgical management (platelet rich plasma, low level laser, etc) an adequate amount of time (minimum 3 months) to work. Photo-document again and have a discussion with your hair surgeon regarding surgical treatment options.

Small grafting sessions can be performed at any time after this initial non-surgical intervention period. You will generally require at least 30 -35 grafts per 1cm x 1cm area of required surface coverage with increased density at the leading hairline edge. That means for a 1cm strip restoration 10cm long, you will need at least 350 grafts. Small grafting sessions by FUT or FUE generally run between $5-10/graft. So for our example, 350 grafts would cost approximately $1,800-3,500.

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