How can I avoid Botox Side Effects?

Botox has proven to be safe and effective over the course of many years and thousands of treatments. It works to effectively, though temporarily, paralyze or weaken unwanted muscle activity. Problems with Botox arise when it is placed in an inappropriate area, over a large area, diffusion to an unwanted area, or simply overdosed (too much) in one area.

Complications can be avoided by following a simple motto, “Be Conservative.” For patients who have never had neuromodulator therapy (Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin), I like to identify exactly what areas they would like “softened or smoothed.” I then use the lowest number of units possible to achieve the results they would like. I advise returning in 2-3 weeks for re-evaluation. Once I know the results achieved with a low dose, it’s easy to add a little more to achieve the exact results desired, minimizing the risk of drooping or asymmetry. I also record every location the product was used and the exact amount so that when results begin to fade in 3-5 months, the previous result can be reproduced with consistency.

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